A Dark Fantasy Drama by Wasserbienchen

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22nd November 2022 in 9. When it Snows
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Author Notes:

wasserbienchen 22nd of November 2022
This is the end of the comic.

I decided to upload everything that I have made in a batch at this point, seeing that there's no point in really dragging it out.

Of course, this is not the actual END.

This comic is being remade, and I will start publishing on Comicfury starting in December. I like comicfury, it is an incredibly useful piece of tech. However, I also aim to get my own website running soon, but it's dragging out a bit.

What can you expect from the new version?

More compact storytelling, better art, and more focus on the actual story. Less pointless drama, less tell, more show, and more action... but with the main characters still more or less intact! You will have Astrid, Tarin, Necoleas... and a few interesting changes otherwise.

I ask you very kindly to check it out when it comes out, as I'm very excited and I very strongly believe that the new version is everything that this version was meant to be.

Especially if you found that this version had too much filler and random scenes, you will very much appreciate the new version.

Thank you very much for continuously supporting me through readership & comments.


Oldarmourer 24th of November 2022
To be honest, I like longer storylines with lots of detail and 'filler', it makes for a much more interesting read than trying to cram a week's worth of comic time into one panel.
This last page dump was a great read, I don't think it could have been done nearly as well in two or three pages.
That's the problem I find with a lot of today's writing, people don't want to spend time reading it, they want a one page summary so they can go do something else instead of investing themselves in the characrers and the world they're put into.
HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy was a '5-part trilogy' it wouldn't have been as good if it were a '2-part trilogy'
The Lord of the Rings wasn't a 90 page paperback and wouldn't have worked as one (Bored of the Rings is a different story)
I'll be interested in reading the 'new' version but please don't take these pages down, so readers can make a comparison.
I see this page dump as "that could have been a couple of months of reading I didn't get :(
Not trying to be negative, not at all, I like the story so much I just want more of it , pure selfishness on my part ;)
That and you need a big buffer in case something unexpected happens.
I hope the 'improved' version is as enjoyable as this one, time will tell I suppose and I have to trust the author's judgement, I'm noit the one writing it.
wasserbienchen 24th of November 2022
I very much understand your concerns, and it's been something I've been thinking a lot about before I ultimately decided to redo the story. Especially because I myself am someone who very much enjoys the slightly soap-opera style of writing.
However, I don't see myself as a perfect writer like Tolkien or Pratchett, and I have a weakness for pointless rambles and repetition. When redoing the story, I absolutely trimmed fat off it, but what's more important is, I think, that I tried to focus on the story I wanted to tell, and focus on the characters more. As is, the story had a lot of bits and bobs that felt a bit off, and I'll elaborate more on these as I start publishing pages on the 1st of December - and as I believe in letting readers get a taste first, the entire prologue will be published that day. (: Overall, I very much hope that the story will be better for it - even if some people may think that some of the changes were bad, I've had some input regarding everything and believe the story to be better overall. If you find that you prefer the old version, so be it, I cannot change that. However, you needn't be concerned about removal; I don't intend on removing anything.

P.S: The story is still going to be almost 100 chapters overall, which is a wicked amount of commitment, but MUCH better than the originally intended ~240.
Oldarmourer 25th of November 2022
We shall see what we shall see ;)
I'll enjoy it regardless but you need to stop criticizing yourself so harshly, it was already working and when something gets to the point that it's 'perfect' then any change afterwards can only make it less perfect.